EarthScience Azulene Moisturizing Shave Creme

EarthScience Azulene Moisturizing Shave Creme

Earth Science is an all natural skincare company, providing the essentials in skincare without compromising the environment. Creating an equilibrium between clinical excellence, natural goodness, and affordability.

Created by consumers of natural goods, Earth Science’s product formulas do not contain any animal byproducts, soaps, petroleum oils, toxins, artificial colors, or heavy metals.  Earth Science prides itself on providing you with the best Organic Natural Products.

This product has the consistency of a facial moisturizer like Noxema, while coming out of the container it is light, since it is a water-based vegetable soap.  This product provides a great shave from, I used it on a three day beard with little razor clogging.

This product works well with the balm of this same product line, a very well balanced duo.

The one thing I didn’t like was you will need to work a little to get this product off your face, although, many products like this product turn out with the same results.  Just a forewarning you will have to rinse well after the use of this product.

I liked this product and I will continue to purchase it.  I like how it is light and delicate it works well in my routine.  The term a little goes a long way is definitly put into affect with this product which makes it worth its price.

Unlike aerosols, Earth Science Azulene Shave Creme is NOT an alkaline, soapy, air-filled foam that dries your skin. Azulene Shave Creme will super-lubricate any blade for a closer, more comfortable shave, without drying your skin. It’s loaded with lubricants and conditioners like super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and rich silicones to let your razor glide – not drag. Natural azulene (the blue extract of chamomile) soothes your face and prevents irritation. (Shaving with a new blade and just after showering will also help your shave be more comfortable.)

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